In the latter part of 2012, we began to focus more on developing the brand name “Cellotec”, and moving forward to promoting our new Corporate name of “Teal Tape & Plastics, Inc. In addition to our many slitting and converting capabilities, we began coating in 2008, and also added plastic injection molding machines which compliment our line of dispensers and plastic cores. We are located at the base of the Cumberland Plateau and only a few miles from the Great Smoky Mountains, about half way between Nashville and Chattanooga, Tennessee.


Cellotec began initial production in the United States in 1989, with the help of a Swiss partner, who brought along their Swiss technology of producing self-adhesive tapes. Cellotec currently utilizes the advanced cutting systems of score, shear, razor and circular knife technologies, in order to produce the highest quality self-adhesive tape products. Because of dramatic changes in the ownership of our Swiss partners, Cellotec became privately owned in 1991.

We have partnered with suppliers throughout the world in order to bring the latest and most advanced coating systems and technologies into our manufacturing process of producing specialty tapes for niche global markets and applications.


We maintain our focus on producing the highest quality self-adhesive tapes for special industrial markets, as we continue to expand our presence in the office and retail markets with our Stikki brand consumer and office tapes. However, we continue to feel deeply committed to our printed polypropylene, pvc, cellophane, and invisible mending tapes. We have also found that our transfer adhesive products have tested well in the industrial and picture frame markets; so of course we would like to expand in those areas as well. Our extensive product line and competitive pricing should keep us poised in the right direction well into the future.

Our line of products includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Fiber-filled Adhesive Transfer Tapes
  2. Printed and unprinted carton-sealing tapes
  3. Double-Face paper, vinyl and tissue
  4. Polyurethane and ethylene foams, single and double-face
  5. Retail tapes
  6. Medical tapes
  7. Tape dispensers



Teal Tape & Plastics, Inc.

185 Deer Park Ct.

P.O. Box 1282

Manchester, Tennessee 37355

Phone: (931) 728-2923

Fax: (931) 728-2924

Toll Free: (800) 500-0031